The hills around Soave were for centuries devoted to viticulture and the best grapes were from ideally exposed vineyards, two of which comprise our estate.

From the 1940s the estate had belonged to the Swedish Marine Commodore, Olof Henning Lorenz Hammargren.  The Commodore had retired to Italy but continued to pursue his passion for wine and viticulture in his role as correspondent for the Swedish Export Society and the monopoly for Swedish alcohol.

He planted vines for the production of Soave around the villa and along the track leading to the tower of the Costeggiola, and in 1950 was made conferring member of the Cooperative of Soave.  The estate was put up for sale by the Commodore’s wife at the end of the 1960’s.

In 1977 Count Antonio Rizzardi decided to buy the first of the family’s Soave vineyards – behind the castle of Soave – in what is now the Soave Cru of Rocca. This was followed a few years later by the purchase of Costeggiola (now also a Soave Cru) and subsequently the winery beside it. Lastly in 1986 the vineyard of Casale further increased the estate’s holdings.