Chiaretto Bardolino Classico DOP

This wine, created in 1896 is synonymous with the region and has an ever increasing international appreciation.

The mild climate of Lake Garda, protected by the Alps from the cold northern Europe winds, contributes to the style of this wine. It is a Rosè with a great charme, a fine rose colour and a pleasant light floral bouquet.

Our Chiaretto is dry, fresh and intense on the palate and has good freshness. Serve Chiaretto chilled before the meal on its own or with Italian appetizers such as prosciutto with melon or insalata caprese.

This wine can also be served (10-12°C or 50-53° F) with rice or pasta salads, white meats, crustaceans and seafood and is excellent with mildly spiced curry dishes.

Ageing potential: up to 1 year.

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Other vintages: 2017 2016 2014