The Pojega Estate, was bought in 1649 by the Counts Rizzardi, living in Verona at the time.

The gardens, commissioned in 1783 by Antonio Rizzardi to landscape architect Luigi Trezza (1752-1823), represent the last masterpiece of Italian gardens, known for its green amphitheatre and its spectacular perspectives (original drawings in the Biblioteca Civica of Verona). The surface is of 54000 sqm (13.3 acres): temple, theatre, walls, galleries and belvedere have been built transforming and bending trees, hedges and water into a phantasmagorical show machine.

The villa itself was restored in around 1850, with cross reference to the venitian Quattrocento, to a design by the architect Filippo Cesare Messedaglia (1823-1901).

The gardens of Pojega are seasonally open to the public for visits and wine tastings.

In the month of May 2016 the garden will be open only on Sundays 10 am to 6 pm.